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This website is the culmination of two things.Father and Daughter founders of Sista Spectacular

I grew up reading comic books. One day, after picking up my 4-year-old daughter from school, I started telling her about comic books and how everyone needs a superhero name.

She replied, "Daddy, my superhero name is Sista Spectacular."

I thought to myself "That's good. Really really good! We can use that."

Four years later, my daughter and I were discussing clothing designers and why I rarely wore logos. The only logos she had seen on my clothes belonged to the company I owned and from my alma mater, Norfolk State University. I explained, I only wear symbols of which I know the meaning, at which point she said she wanted her own logo and of T-Shirt brand .

I replied, "Baby girl, we can make that happen!"

Since that time, we have had discussions about what she wanted Sista Spectacular to stand for. We turned that into Sista Spectacular's mission statement:


Sista Spectacular will be "awesome, because we choose to be!"
Sista Spectacular will represent positive imagery that empowers confident girls.
Sista Spectacular will focus on keeping customers happy.
Sista Spectacular will listen to what customers want to see from us.
Sista Spectacular will choose a charity each year to support.

I have an awesome daughter and friends who have awesome daughters. I see so much promise in little girls that I shudder whenever I hear how their brilliance has been diminished by something someone has said or done. As a father, I guarantee we will never sell a design on that does not meet our standards: there will never be sexualized, violent, occultish or negative imagery on this site or on any of the apparel we produce.