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May 31, 2016

Short Thank you message

Life has a strange way of turning a person around and refocusing them to what is needed. This website is important for the development of my daughter, but we have been told it’s needed by a lot of girls and women.

I hope the designs and sayings on these shirts are my reminder to my daughter as to the woman I would like to see her to grow up to be. She is well on her way. But personally I have a desire to offer the same to other parents so their daughters can be reassured of who they are and what their parents want for them.

I first heard my daughter tell her playmate that she was “Awesome because she choose to be.” That was a powerful statement coming from a 6 year old. Regardless of what she faces in life, I want her to stand firm in that belief. I also want her to retain the God given freedom and beauty inside her. As her dad - just like other moms and dads - I will do my best to minimize undeserved negative influences so many of our girls endure.

To the family and friends that have stood by our side encouraging, pushing and motivating us to make this project a reality – Thank you so much for your support and letting us know what you think! Sista Spectacular is our way of fighting for all of our girls, big and small, young and old, black, brown, yellow or white. 

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